News 8/8/2018


I’m reorganizing the blog. News and art will stay here, humor posts will move to my other blog, Nucking Futs. I’m told that one should not attempt to combine astute geopolitical analysis and dirty jokes. I’m also going to reduce posting to 3 times per week, monday, wednesday, and, friday. The humor posts will continue every day, but on my other blog, as I said.

US News

The Manafort trial continues It’s completely irrelevant. Well, I guess it isn’t to Paul Manafort, but as far as Trump is concerned, it doesn’t matter. The prosecution stated at the beginning that there would be no connection with Russia or Trump, and behold! There is none. Manafort’s on trial for crimes before he worked for, or even met, Trump. Russia hasn’t even been mentioned. The media coverage is purely political, designed to make Trump look bad. Ignore it and pay attention to more important matters.

In far more important news, Alex Jones got censored In a blatant display of collusion, Facebook, Youtube, Apple, and Spotify removed Jones’ content on the same day. He makes Infowars, a very stupid conspiracy show. As the link says, this isn’t about Alex Jones. It’s about large companies censoring free speech. There have been small, disorganized efforts to block Right-leaning opinions for a while now. Twitter’s shadowbanning of conservatives, while Left-leaning individuals continue to incite violence against white people, is well known at this point. In my opinion, this is the first rumble of an oncoming storm: an attempt to silence all dissenting voices from the internet. By “dissenting”, I mean “dissenting from Leftist thought”. There’s a loophole in the 1st amendment — it only covers the government suppressing speech. Facebook et al are companies and may therefore do whatever they want (within the framework of the law, of course). Leftists have widened the loophole and are jumping through it. Alex Jones is a test case and precedent-setter. They picked him because, frankly, he’s a lunatic conspiracy theorist. If anyone defends him, they’ll be smeared as “agreeing with Alex Jones”. I’ve read numerous article in the last few days about this issue, most of them strongly opposed to this. Every single one of them mentions their distaste for Jones. He’s hard to defend, but I’m going to do it anyway. Not that I matter, ha ha ha. He has a right to say what he wants, even if it’s stupid. As I and many others have said, poor speech (lies, propaganda, insults) should be countered with more speech, not less. In this case, Jones is free to spew whatever BS he wants, and the rest of us are free to call him a moron.

I believe that the loophole must be closed. More specifically, the first amendment should be extended to protect employees at publicly-traded companies. If it’s illegal for the government to restrict speech, why is it legal for a soulless multinational to do so? I thought rights were supposed to be absolute.

Democrat senator thinks banning Jones’ site is just great And he wants other sites banned too. He doesn’t specify which sites, but I think we can guess. I expect more Democrats to come forward to support this soon.

Democrat memo calls for internet takeover Related? Perhaps. It’s called “Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms,” and it’s awful. The idea is to stop misinformation being spread, and it won’t work. I’m a veteran internet user and I can tell you that it is impossible to stop information, of any kind, from spreading over the internet. The only way is to destroy the internet. As proof, I offer the multi-decade long war against software piracy, which has never even made a dent in it. If the government can’t stop software from being pirated, how are they going to stop misinformation, which often consists of only a few sentences? It’s a terrible, terrible idea, and is yet again being used as an excuse to seize more power.

Chicago still a war zone Last weekend, 74 people were shot. Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Democrat) has a plan to fix the situation: give the police more rules to follow. It’s called the Chicago Police Department Consent Decree. It requires officers to attend sensitivity training, requires them to use proper pronouns, and 200 more pages of red tape. This is on top of the already existing law exempting juveniles from adult penalties. As one would expect, juvenile offenders are running rampant. The arrest and conviction rate for shootings is around 15%.

Democrats advocate paying doctors less The answer is not just NO, but HELL NO. If there’s a doctor who’s going to cut open my mother and rummage around in her guts, I want him to be the most talented, driven, educated, and respected doctor who’s ever lived. If there’s a doctor responsible for keeping my family alive when we’re sick, I want her to be smart, experienced, and on the ball. And you don’t get people like that paying shitty wages. Excuse my bluntness, but I find the idea “doctors are greedy so we should pay them less” to be dangerously stupid on every level.

California fires still raging They’re calling up the National Guard to help stop them.

Missouri votes down right-to-work This means that you can be forced to join or pay dues to a union. I was strongly in favor of right-to-work as soon as I understood what it was. I cannot understand how unions legally can take a part of your paycheck in many states.

West Virginia Supreme Court in trouble All four sitting members of the state Supreme Court face impeachment for misusing funds.

New York City wants people in jail to vote Gee, I wonder which party they’ll vote for? Here’s a shocking idea: while you’re in jail, you’re not eligible to vote, regardless of the crime. When you get out, you get to vote again.

Broward County School Board not happy The Broward County school shooter was extremely mentally ill and sought help. He didn’t get it. So he shot up a school. A local newspaper published documents on the subject, and the School Board says they are confidential by court order. I’m not very sympathetic to the school board, since every indication has shown that they and the Sheriffs’ Office were completely incompetent.

US Army wants laser guns and they’re getting them. Truck mounted, but still, laser guns. FINALLY! My long wait is over.

World News

Leaked documents from Trump/Putin summit They say Putin lobbied Trump for more arms control. Hmm. Not what I would have expected. A few questions: are the leaks genuine, and if so, who leaked them?

Prime Minister of Armenia wants a meeting with Trump The Armenians are very worried by Turkey’s turn towards dictatorship. Why? If you don’t know why, google “armenian genocide by turks”.

The EU threatens companies who stop doing business with Iran The stupid, it burns.

Italy may stop EU-Canada free trade deal This shows that negotiating with the EU is often very difficult. They have many different groups to please and any one of them could stop a deal.

If the EU wants to be a world power, it’s going to take more then 2% of GDP The EU’s military forces are in a sorry state. During Obama’s reign they couldn’t even deploy to Libya without US assistance. The situation has gotten worse since then. Rebuilding their military might will take years and a lot of money. Is the willpower there? No. Exception: Baltic nations and eastern europe. To them the Russian threat is immediate. Western europe doesn’t seem to care. History will teach them the error of their ways in the next 30 years or so; I just hope we stay out of it this time.

Anti-semitism in Germany on the rise It has no connection to the massive number if migrants from the Middle East who recently moved to Germany. Nope, none at all. To even raise the issue is racist.

Spain now the primary entry point for EU immigrants At least the ones entering by sea. Italy’s new policy has altered the situation remarkably quickly.

The EU’s competition laws are politically motivated “So, think about the Commission’s key priorities and you can often see that competition cases are the main weapon to frogmarch companies into line with the broader political agenda: an energy union (Gazprom), a better functioning single market (AB InBev) and digital policy (Google).

But is it then fair to go as far as the U.S. has done (mainly under Barack Obama) and insist that Brussels is pursuing a political witch-hunt against successful competitors? Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook accused Brussels of conducting an entirely bogus campaign against his company’s tax arrangements in Europe, saying that the case was “political crap.””

I’ve been saying this since I started blogging. Of course it’s political. Anyone saying otherwise is either ignorant, in which case they should be educated, or naive, in which case they should be ignored.

In Syria, the end is near In the last month Syrian regime forces crushed resistance in the southwest of the country. This is after the joint operation to destroy ISIS in the northeast. It’s notable that the Syrians did not attack the Kurds in any way, nor was there any rhetoric directed at them. This is yet another indication that some kind of covert deal is in place, perhaps to give the Kurds an autonomous region, as in Iraq.

The Syrian rebel’s last strongholds are in Idlib province, in the northwest. It seems very unlikely they will be able to hold out.

Syrian rocket scientist assassinated Probably by Israel. He also worked with Iran on missiles.

Mass protesters in Iran They’re chanting “death to the dictator”…..and they’re referring to their own dictator. US flags have been seen in the crowds as well. That’s a very, very bad sign for the Iranian government.

Assassination attempt via drone in Venezuela Unfortunately unsuccessful.



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