News 7/19/2018

US News

Pretty Russian spy had sex for information and influence The use of beautiful women to get information via seduction is thousands of years old. This is just the latest version. The Russians have always been good at HUMINT, primarily because of their complete ruthlessness and aggression. Americans have always been good at SIGINT, because we’ve very technical, gadget-oriented people. The dirty work of old-fashioned spying doesn’t go over well with Americans and their self-conception of themselves as “the good guys”. But it sure gets clicks (or sells papers, or whatever metaphor you want to use). Beautiful sexually predatory foreign woman caught spying? And she was focusing on the NRA? Oh yeah, this is going to get a lot of attention. Remember Anna Chapman? Same deal here.

Democrats unveil their fall slogan: “For the People” How utterly irrelevant. A new slogan isn’t going to do a damn thing; it’s the positions that matter. Stop focusing on style and start thinking about substance.

New Democrat superstar having some issues Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who we’ve heard far too much about, is still learning how things work. She’s getting a warning from other Democrats to chill out. We’ll see if that actually happens. I’m waiting to see what happens in the actual election she has coming up. I don’t expect her to win.

Fired FBI director Comey not welcome “The former FBI director asserted that anyone believing “in this country’s values must vote for Democrats” in the coming midterm elections.” Subtle. Amusingly, many Democrats are not happy with his loud attempts to be on their side.

Current FBI director: Chinese espionage is a threat Wait, what happened to Russia? Someone’s getting off-narrative.

California Supreme Court removes proposal to split up the state from the ballot Silly peasants. You vote on what we allow you to vote on. My guess: someone saw which way the wind was blowing and got worried, so they came up with a vague pretext for killing the issue. It seems likely that this is the end of it, but you never know. If enough people care it could keep going.

Facebook to remove information that could lead to violence Please define “information that could lead to violence.” The working definition is somewhat vague. Because I have no doubt that Leftists will abuse the definition as it is now. Anything could lead to violence if you’re brainwashed enough.

Former member of the leftist twitter mob paid the price He used to be a card-carrying Social Justice Warrior, viciously attacking people on twitter for wrongthink. Then the mob turned on him. Now he’s an anonymous nobody.

“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” — George Orwell.

Participants in twitter mobs should remember what happened to the Paris Commune, but they don’t know any history, because they spend their college years getting indoctrinated. they don’t know what “hubris” means, either.

Worldwide top oil producing nations: 1. Russia 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Texas Have you hugged a fracker today?

World News

EU trade mission to the US coming up on July 25th This is the “pre-negotiation signaling” phase, where the participants give hints on what they want and what they’re willing to give. In plain language, “We want to negotiate, but will not be bullied.” I find it obnoxious how the article ends, though: ““We don’t go there to negotiate anything,” she added.” This is after three paragraphs on how they’re going to negotiate. What the hell, lady.

Massive EU fine against Google continues to proceed It will take years for this to meander through the court system.

Catalonia acting up again I’m not familiar with the situation other than the basics. Spain has handled the situation poorly so far, but then, they don’t have many options.

Speaking of Spain… First, their new submarine couldn’t surface. Now it’s too long for the docking facilities. And it’s not even built yet. Another case of bureaucracy destroying a project before it’s even complete. Unless something changes, and I doubt anything will, Spain’s new sub will never be anything more then a vastly overpriced toy.

Theresa May’s support continues to decline The entire Brexit situation is a mess. In short, Theresa May’s government finally came out with a Brexit plan, which was a “non-Brexit” or “Brexit in name only”. A large chunk of her own party promptly revolted.

No Nobel Prize for literature will be awarded due to sex scandals on the Nobel committee. Every time you see a public figure lecture you on morality, remember this. And Weinstein. And Kevin Spacey. And Bill Clinton. Et Cetera.

Germany’s immigrant problem continues Germany has been trying to deport asshole A, Sami Aidoudi, for years. He’s been living in Germany since 1997. His asylum request was denied in 2007. He’s been under surveillance since 2001 and publicly says he’s a jihadi. But German courts keep blocking his deportation. Also, he’s on welfare.

Iran says they rejected Trump requests to meet Who cares? Could be true, could be a lie, either way it doesn’t matter.

Iranian government worried about unrest Ah, StrategyPage, what would I do without you? Unrest has been spreading in Iran. Read the whole thing.

China’s currency crashes My opinion: the US and China are currently waging economic warfare against each other. China wants to preserve the status quo, and the US wants to change it. The South China Sea, North Korea, Taiwan, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and the entire world’s economy are the battlefield. It’s all related on a grand scale. I sense the hand of a master strategist; my guess is Mattis. StrategyPage has an excellent discussion here.

China needs the US more then the US needs China. They need a market for their goods, a source of money, and somone to steal technology from. It also gives them a lot of leverage over the US. Since we’re enemies, that’s not good. The US needs to untangle it’s economy from China’s. The tariffs are part of that. The big drive, however, is to lower the value of the dollar. China has fixed their currency at a very weak level for decades in order to facilitate exports. Trump, or someone, has had enough of it and is breaking the pattern. If the Yuan rises, China will have a much more difficult time exporting goods, and since their economy is heavily based on exports, that’s going to hurt. The US’s economy is not based on exports, partially because our stuff is so expensive due to the strong dollar. So, weaken the dollar, stimulating exports and thus the US economy. Slap China with tariffs to ensure they can’t adapt to the new situation. If the US is going to export more, trade barriers that we’ve ignored for years need to come down; that’s what the arguments with Canada and the EU are about. I’m unclear about what, exactly, China doing to counter, and why the dollar remains strong.

If I’m correct, we’ll see a large number of deals between the US and other nations in the coming months. NAFTA may be renegotiated. Furthermore, tariffs against China aren’t going away, and will only increase. The entire point of the exercise is to make the Chinese do business elsewhere or not at all, for many reasons (see above: Chinese espionage a threat). If the dollar actually sinks, we’ll see howls of outrage from the financal community. This is a long-term plan and it will take years to play out; I’ll do some more research.



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