News 6/28/2018

US Domestic News

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. Democrats promptly went insane. The most common reaction was “Fuck”, which has all the class and sophistication I’ve come to expect from the Left. By itself, this is amusing, and good news. Schadenfreude is one of my favorite things, and I make no secret of my disdain for hysterical leftists. Unfortunately, like all events, this isn’t happening in a vacuum. As I wrote yesterday, Anti-Trump hysteria is already at a high point. It’s so bad that several prominent Democrats called for restraint. As of today, they’re no longer calling for restraint. Instead they’re calling for even more hysteria and resistance. Why? Because there’s going to be a political fight for the Supreme Court vacancy, and they need their people excited. So all the left-leaning voices calling for calm just shut up. That means things are going to get crazier and stay that way until the midterm elections. A lot of people have noticed this trend. For example: “they’re coming for you next” and “when will the other shoe drop”. And this essay by Kurt Schlichter. Since all the voices calling for calm abruptly shut up, I see nothing to restrain the Left from going berzerk. More then they have already, I mean.

Remember Occupy? They’re back This time they’re occupying ICE offices in large cities nationwide. Because the protestors are allowed to get away with this, it’s going to continue, and it’s going to spread.

Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on involuntary union dues is important. Link discusses why and does a good job laying things out.

World News

Iranian protests continue This is the fourth consecutive day of anti-government protests in Iran. Some of them feature american flags, which is frankly unbelievable. But there’s photographic evidence…..

EU seeks compromise over immigration at summit This is a big one, and very important. The EU is already fracturing. If they can’t paper over the cracks the process will accelerate.

Mattis meets with Chinese president “Mad Dog” Mattis will tell them how it is.

UN sick of Sudan’s issues The UN’s threatening to leave South Sudan if fighting doesn’t die down. That’s pretty ridiculous. I doubt anything will change, other than the UN taking its toys and going home.

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