News 9/7/2018

US News

Great again: US adds 201,000 jobs Worker wages are up, too. Wow. It’s almost as if all the immigration was keeping wages low. Nah, can’t be.

NY State subpoenas every Catholic diocese in the state The sex abuse scandal just won’t die. Nor should it. As I have said, if the church can’t clean up it’s act, it’s doomed.

Here comes the censorship Twitter bans Alex Jones for life. To be clear, he’s an idiotic conspiracy theorist, but he shouldn’t be deplatformed. Mark my words: the trend towards censorship championed by left will backfire. Oh, and guess who still has a Twitter account? Hamas.

Scientists urge paper ballots for all elections “Paper ballots that can be tallied by hand are the most secure way to conduct an election, according to a report from the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.” They finally figured it out…. it only took them a decade or two.

Dem Senator Cory Booker says he’s breaking the rules He wasn’t. He also compared himself to “Spartacus”.

Democrat are acting like bad actors to please their base “The Democratic base does not want Kavanaugh confirmed, and even though Democrats know there is nothing they can do to stop it, they are trying to appear as though they are making an effort.”

Voter fraud by illegals in North Carolina Vote fraud is a myth! Say the Democrats.

Republican office in Wyoming set on fire It’s a “mystery” who would want to do this.

World News

Mexican authorities discover mass grave It was the Cartels, of course.

Frontrunner in Brazilian election stabbed The frontrunner taken out just weeks before the election? That was an assassination attempt, folks.

US Marines train with Swedes on the Baltic Russia complains. Of course they do. Only a fool would think the US and Sweden are the aggressors here, given what is still happening in Ukraine. Not that it’s getting any attention. Funny how fast the whole Ukrainian war got tossed in the memory hole.

Speaking of Sweden…. The political establishment is panicking because far-right parties are doing far better then anyone expected. Why? Everyone knows why, though some people remain in denial. Mass Muslim Migration. Same as in Germany, and England…. almost as if there’s a pattern.

The war in Yemen continues Peace talks are due to start in Switzerland; they will amount to nothing.

The war in Syria continues The Presidents of Russia, Iran, and Turkey met in Tehran. Presumably this is to set things up before crushing the last remaining rebel strongholds in Idlib province.

Speaking of Iran…. Their economic trouble continue; so does civil unrest. Iranians have been demonstrating against the government for a while. These demonstrations have a notable pro-US slant. Since Trump ended the godawful Iran agreement Iran has been experiencing significant economic problems. In my opinion, this is a good thing. There is nothing good about the Iranian government. Everyone would be better served by it’s removal.


News 9/6/2018

US News

Trump, Trump, Trump. I am so very sick of Trump. I stopped blogging for a few weeks because the constant obsession with him was getting to me. Not just Trump; politics in general. Most political news posts have a hysterical tone that’s truly toxic. So from now on Trump will be minimized if not completely absent.

Having said that, here’s a link about Trump It’s the anonymous NYT op-ed from an administration source bashing him. It’s notable for a couple of reasons. 1, who the hell thought this was acceptable. If you don’t approve of the President, resign. Staying on and sabotaging him from within is beyond shady and verges on treason. 2, Trump’s been mocked for his talk of the “Deep State” — unelected officials working against him. A lot of people have been skeptical about the idea. Well the NYT just helpfully ran an op-ed which confirmed everything Trump’s been saying. There are people within the federal government who refuse to obey orders because they think they know better, and we know that because they told us about it. 3, The person who wrote this op-ed does not think he’s doing anything wrong. Quite the opposite. The “Deep State” resistance to Trump is convinced they’re the good guys in this story. I wonder if they’ll ever figure out that they aren’t. Probably not. Most people never really reflect on themselves and their actions because it’s painful and difficult.

Opinion piece about the op-ed from the link: “The President may well be unprincipled, ignorant, and awful, but he was, well, elected fair and square.”

Sigh……only one more Trump link Link goes to a post asking if Special Prosecutor Mueller will attempt to influence the upcoming election. In my opinion, you’re damn right he will. His entire investigation is political warfare.

The other major event in DC is potential Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. As this NPR article says, it’s been a clownshow. Shouting protestors constantly sneak in and disrupt proceedings. Democrats demand the hearing be adjourned and interrupt at every opportunity. And all of it’s televised for the folks at home. The featured pic for my post is one of the protesters all dressed up……..and they wonder why people don’t like them? As a Democrat committee member said, “I think that the average independent voter, the labor family that voted for Trump last time but is now reconsidering, people like that don’t think screaming in a hearing room is a particularly effective strategy or a signal of a party they want to belong to.”

Damn right it isn’t. The extreme acting out plays well with the activists, not with normal people. The average TV viewer will see these people and think they are unhinged lunatics. They act like lunatics because they are, in fact, lunatics.

I have a couple of observations about the hearings. 1, all the craziness is because the hearings are being televised. 2, the Democrats’ opposition is pure politics. They don’t want another Republican on the Supreme Court. He could be Jesus and they still wouldn’t vote for him. 3, Democrats have no substantive objections to raise. If they had anything solid they would be talking about it nonstop. Therefore, all they have is a bunch of hot air.

In a perfect world, Democrats would accept the inevitable and act like adults. Apparently that is no longer possible.

A rare moment of self-awareness Somewhere, a liberal feels guilty for being mean to John McCain. Kudos to the author.

San Francisco implementing fancy new homeless tracking system It’s not going to make any difference. Well, it’ll blow a few million on fancy software that can be easily repurposed for surveillance, but other then that……the link cites Utah’s similar tracking system as a success story to be emulated. As usual, the people in government are utterly clueless, not understanding that Utah’s success in combating homelessness is because they gave out free housing. The tracking system was only the first step. In California, where apparently they don’t know how to read past the first paragraph, they seem unaware of this.

World News

North Korea has a timeline for denuclearization ….says South Korea. Remarkable how quiet this is. But then, any reporters covering this would detract from the farce in DC.

US, India sign new agreements more military cooperation.

India legalizes gay sex It was still illegal? In the land of the Kama Sutra? Come on.

Sweden turning anti-immigrant Maybe there’s hope after all. If european nations can get through the mask of denial they’re all wearing, perhaps it’s not too late.

Vatican sex abuse scandal continues Really tragic, and they’re handling it poorly. Why is it so hard for the Catholic church to clean itself up?

Nicaragua continues to deteriorate Meanwhile, off everyone’s radar, Nicaragua is having more and more problems. If any journalists still did their jobs maybe this would get some coverage, but no.

Britain targets two Russian agents Nothing to see here, only a targeted assassination on UK soil. Again, you’d think this would get more coverage…..

Syria: the end is nigh Russia has 25 warships off the Syrian coast, the Syrian army has moved most of it’s forces to the area, and the US has been warning not to use chemical weapons. The final battle of the Syrian Civil War will start soon. The rebels in Idlib are the last and are apparently digging in. ISIS has gone back to guerrilla tactics, which is effective at keeping them alive but not effective at causing much trouble. The Kurds are negotiating for autonomy with Syria and generally being smart. And, of course, Turkey watches with great interest while its currency crashes.

At some point, mainstream “journalists” will discover the events in Syria. I foresee a lot of breathless front-page headlines which are completely wrong. Anyone want to bet on it?


News 8/22/2018

US News

Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts ….none of which have anything to do with Trump or the election. The most recent crime happened in 2014. That’s not stopping the usual suspects. WaPo, NYT, CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc…..they’re all publishing headlines in 24-point font. TRUMP ASSOCIATE GUILTY blah blah blah. There’s already opinion pieces on how this shows the Mueller probe isn’t just politically motivated, on how this is only the first step, etc. Let’s be clear: Manafort just got found guilty of crimes, mostly tax fraud, that happened before he ever met Donald Trump. The entire trial had nothing to do with Trump at all.

Mueller’s investigation is supposedly about Russia, Trump, and the election. Manafort just got convicted of tax fraud that happened years before the election in question. As far as the 2016 election goes, Manafort is completely irrelevant. In fact, I would argue that Mueller’s failure to prove Russian collusion so far is an excellent sign that there is no collusion to be found. He’s been at it for two years, he’s spent millions of dollars, he’s raided Trump’s lawyer, he’s leaned on Manafort as hard as he can…….and this is all he can come up with.

My opinion has not changed. The FBI investigation is meant to attack Trump in two ways. 1: entrapment. They want to get him on anything they can, no matter how irrelevant. This is one reason why getting an interview with Trump is such a big deal. If Mueller interviews Trump, even the slightest inaccuracy will be called perjury.

2: media. The anti-Trump media campaign is so all-pervasive that every living human has heard about it. There are probably nomads living in central Asia who think Trump’s an asshole. I’m certain that uncontacted stone-age tribes living in the deep jungle discuss the evils of Trump over their campfires. Jokes aside, everyone should be able to see that a propaganda campaign is under way. It’s pretty hard to deny, and some reporters have even admitted it, saying that opposing Trump is the right thing to do. It goes further then that; I believe certain media outlets and the FBI are cooperating. Specifically the NYT and WaPo. Mueller’s operation leaks to the press constantly, and always to those two papers.

The ultimate goal is impeachment. In theory, the relentless media barrage will help Democrats retake congress this fall. The Mueller investigation will provide a pretext, probably perjury or campaign finance violations. Boom, impeached. Am I being crazy? I don’t think so. Reporters have been mentioning impeachment since Trump got elected, and WaPo is already running editorials discussing how Manafort’s trial is related.


There are some attempts to be a little more subtle, like opinion pieces last month about how Democrats should lay off the impeachment talk for the time being. Politicians know the average Joe doesn’t approve of manufactured criminal charges. But then, politicians don’t approve of the average Joe. Contempt for the masses is easy to see in every essay and speech. The elites, happy in their east coast echo chambers, think the people are idiots. They think they know better. After all, they went to (insert Ivy League school here). They worked their way to the top of the pyramid. They have money, connections, and power. That’s why they think manufacturing crimes against Trump, and then destroying him, is justified. He’s uncouth, ill-mannered, and a jerk; obviously one of the unwashed masses here to order them around and belittle them.

The people don’t understand, of course. They’re idiots. They must be made to understand. So the elites get on the phone to their media contacts, who are equally appalled by the situation. Journalists begin shaping public opinion. Modern journalism has nothing to do with the truth. They never even mention the truth anymore. It’s all about shaping the narrative for a higher goal. And if they have to lie a bit, distort a few facts, it’s justified, because it’s for the greater good. So what if the study on global warming had to fudge a few numbers. We’re saving the planet! So what if Iran gets a bunch of money. We’re preserving peace in the Middle East! So what if we have to make  stuff up, destroy some innocent people, and pervert the course of democracy? Trump is evil! And the people are dumb anyway.

They never ask: what if we’re wrong? They never ask because they literally cannot. Their self-images are tied up in the media campaigns and Noble Causes. They have to be good, you see, because the cause is good, and they must be too. Their opponents, naturally, are evil and must be destroyed. Compromise? With evil? Impossible. They’re blind to the fact that they’ve been consumed by their own simplistic narrative. Good versus Evil is a five-year-old’s understanding of politics…..actually, scratch that. Even five-year-olds sense that they don’t understand what’s going on. The elites believe they know How Things Work. They are incapable of the introspection necessary to realize that their concepts of the world are laughably simplistic. Any mistakes will simply be rationalized away as incompetence or lies. This allows the elites to prevent their self-image from being damaged. This may sound trivial, but it is one of the most painful and disturbing things a human being can experience.

When I say “damage to self-image” I don’t mean small things like “I thought I was good at basketball”. I mean the foundational beliefs, the bedrock that our minds are built upon. things like God, nation, science, and so on. These people have given themselves completely to a view of the world with themselves at the apex. The essential, unspoken core: “We are unique. We are special. We are better then everyone else. We know better then everyone else. We deserve our power.” Imagine their panic if they realized that they were not, in fact, better then anyone. That they had been living in a mass delusion of their own creation; that reality was far more dangerous then they had assumed; that not only were the people fools, they were too. Perhaps worst of all: that no one is in control.

I believe there’s some deep psychological reasons behind the hysterical opposition to Trump. Power is a large part of it, of course. The elites have a good thing going, they don’t want it screwed up. But cold calculation doesn’t account for the emotion we see. Emotion can be faked, sometimes, but reporters are not actors, and the public demonstrators are definitely not actors. (Ignoring the marches in Hollywood for the moment). The edge of hysteria comes from the unconscious suspicion that they could be wrong, and according to the simple good vs. evil worldview, that makes then the tragic villain. Any dissent must be destroyed to save them from knowledge of themselves, for that would be too painful to bear.

In my opinion.



News 8/20/2018

US News

#MeToo trouble: accuser herself accused Asia Argento, who started the whole #MeToo thing by accusing Weinstein, has now been accused of sexually assaulting a young man. The allegations seem credible. Hopefully this will help people realize that victims aren’t automatically saints. Also, as others have said, remember this the next time Hollywood stars lecture us on morality.

Letter from the Pope regarding sexual abuse scandal This is easily the #1 problem facing the Catholic church and they can’t seem to fix it. If they can’t find priests who live up to their own ideals then the church is doomed. The coverups are not helping.

US Rep Keith Ellison (D-Minn) not disturbed by domestic abuse allegations Some pretty credible ones too, but unproven. Still, I’m noting the hypocrisy. It only takes one allegation against a movie star to destroy him, and no one talks about proof; and here they’re busy sweeping things under the rug because he is well-connected. Typical Democrat behavior.

Former CIA Director Brennan is a problem He got his security clearance revoked, which surprised me. Why did he still have it? He hasn’t been working for the government for years. Everyone knows when you leave a job you turn in your badge, parking permit, etc. and this goes double for security clearances. Regardless, he used this as an excuse to whine about his freedom of speech getting stifled, which is truly stupid on an epic scale, since he’s been giving lots of interviews about how he can’t speak freely anymore. In other words: using his freedom of speech to bitch about his lack of freedom of speech. Does anybody buy this bullshit? Current Director of National Intelligence Clapper sure doesn’t.

Brennan’s going to sue! Good luck with that, asshole. No one has a “right” to a security clearance.

More about the Mueller investigation Current White House counsel Donald McGahn has been interviewed by Mueller’s team. This is supposedly bad. I don’t really care. Let me know when something other than rumors and gossip shows up.

On the other hand, Trump’s new champion Giuliani is nearly as full of it as Mueller. It irritates me, but in the PR game, truth is barely relevant. Both sides are focused on making headlines. Which is why you should always read the whole thing.

Jury deliberates in Manafort trial; media demands juror’s names and addresses It’s a blatant attempt at intimidation. If Manafort goes free, media outlets like CNN will be all over the jurors. The judge wisely refused, noting that he has been threatened and is under US Marshal protection.

Context for the attempt to reveal juror’s identities Many media types are pretty angry at the judge for his “anti-prosecution bias”. I would describe it as “He’s a good judge and has no patience for BS, and the prosecution was full of BS.” The jury in this case is not sequestered. They know what’s being said. They know they’re targets if they return a verdict of “not guilty”. Of course they’re afraid.

Oh no! ICE arrested an innocent illegal immigrant as he took his wife to the hospital! Typical media freakout. They omitted one very relevant fact: the guy’s wanted for murder.

Trump talks about VA reform “…Department of Veteran Affairs workers and union members say the implementation is hurting workers — and veterans.”

Lots of quotes from a union leader about how upset his people are. Just FYI,  my opinion of unions is a string of four-letter words nearly a paragraph long. Considering the VA’s long list of failures, I have no sympathy whatsoever.

Pro-immigrant lawyer may get deported She’s an immigrant herself who came over on a student visa. She’s unable to get an update to her status for uncertain reasons. She blames her employer; her employer says it tried to help but was unable to. She has a GoFundMe page, which is probably the real reason for the article…..she seems smart and nice, but we have too many lawyers here already. Sorry, lady.

Chicago residents very angry at the mayor And they’ve got every reason to be thanks to a years-long shooting epidemic. He’s replying by invoking faith and family, ironic considering he’s a Democrat and those are two things they don’t like. I should also mention the historic levels of violence in Chicago are largely ignored by mainstream media outlets because the mayor is Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

World News

Attempted terrorist attack in Barcelona “The man shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he rushed forward.” No one died besides the scumbag.

Iran upset about sanctions Iranian foreign minister goes on CNN to complain. My opinion: Good.

Brazil sends troops to Venezuelan border There’s a refugee crisis as people flee Venezuela’s collapse. This is what socialism gets you, folks.

South Africa moving ahead with plans to seize white farmer’s land The stupidity here is mind-boggling. To the north, we have Zimbabwe, which recently did the exact same thing, which caused a famine and economic crisis. Many people are warning the government it’s not going to work and they are being ignored.